SEO or computer programme optimization is that the method of ranking websites higher among the search engines. There area unit millions of completely different search engines out with the most ones being Google, Bing and Yahoo. whereas some folks do use the others you actually wish to be ranking on Google. Statistics show that over sixty fifth of individuals use Google as their primary computer programme therefore ranking on there’ll give you with the foremost traffic.


It’s also vital to notice is that completely different search engines have their own ranking factors, this basically means ranking well on one computer programme doesn’t suggest you may rank on the others. These search engines use various factors to rank an internet site therefore it’s vital that as a part of any SEO Strategy you are taking multiple search engines ranking factors into thought.

What is AN algorithm?

The algorithmic rule is that the science behind however the search engines rank your web site, Google uses over two hundred completely different variables on however they rank an internet site. every variable is weighted and SEO’s can tweak websites to suit these necessities, but Google frequently amendment their algorithmic rule to create positive that folks UN agency try to use code to try and do SEO mechanically cannot exploit the system.

Ideally, you may {try ANd|attempt to|try to} optimise your web site to a really high commonplace and be robust on several of the variables in order that once Google will an update you’re less doubtless to feel the results of such changes. Recent years ( Apr 2012 ) was the beginning of it. Google discharged what’s called the sphenisciform seabird update that targeted spammers and people UN agency use link building code and several websites were affected. Since then there has been a variety of Panda and sphenisciform seabird updates that build SEO tougher for people who look to require shortcuts.

Even currently in 2018 Google area unit perpetually on the lookout for web sites to require down in order that once the overall public Google one thing they get an honest quality relevant website for the search term they sort in.

SEO Tools and code

There is SEO code out there that you’ll obtain and this may do a number of the boring SEO work for you, things like directory submissions and link building may be done at the push of a button.

Many SEO firms try to use code to hold out some tasks, our recommendation is to steer away from any code as a result of as tempting because it could also be your SEO efforts can suffer by victimisation techniques like these. computer programme optimization has been around for a short time, Google is cognizant of spamming techniques and is sensible enough to counteract any cheating because it were.

Aren’t getting Maine wrong there’ll perpetually be sensible folks out there making tools which will cheat the system and affirmative these may go for a touch whereas, however, Google can eventually punish you and every one of your rankings might come back bally down. computer programme optimization solely works best once done manually and naturally by knowledgeable SEO with expertise and reliable resources.

One of the issues many folks face is being diode down the incorrect path. you may see that there area unit different completely different folks out there telling methods|you the way} SEO works and therefore the reality is there’s not one set way that SEO works. On prime of this, there area unit different ways in which SEO does not work however there’s most material out there telling you it will. Everything I show you during this course could be a tested strategy that has worked on behalf of me and if you follow these steps and procedures then you may be ready to rank websites.

The terms used for these SEO techniques are: White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, gray Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO

Well as we explained this is the tactic we recommend you use as all others will lead to you being found out eventually and suffering a dip in rankings or even being banned by Google. A white hat SEO carries out all SEO work manually and uses ethical tactics only, this will result in good rankings and no potential danger or penalties. Those of you who know me know that I don’t 100% believe this is the best tactic to use.

Now I’m not against white hat procedures at all, my concerns are for the businesses and niches that don’t quite have the budgets for massive advertising campaigns or have a captivating piece of content to write. That is where other techniques may have to be implemented into the SEO campaign.

Black Hat SEO

This is a tactic used by SEO’s where they use software to carry out tasks such as link building and directory submissions. Other Black hat tactics are Doorway Pages, Hidden text, keyword stuffing and link rings etc. Doorway pages are simply buying a domain name which links to your main website, for example you could sell cars and your main website is You could buy other domains such as and have a single page website linking back to, this tactic is now frowned upon by Google. 

Hidden Text is another tactic that worked years ago, people would add white text onto a website with a white background and mention the keywords over and over again as it wouldn’t be visible to the human eye. Having keywords on your page is an important ranking factor that has been abused by people over the years so if you decide to use hidden text then you could potentially get your website into trouble. 

A popular topic that you may have heard me discuss is PBN’s (private blog networks). These are a big list of sites within your control that you can link out to any websites of your choice. I won’t go into too much detail about this right now but it’s something that a lot of SEO’s will use to help rank a website.  

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO is just a mixture of white hat and black hat techniques. Like I mentioned previously there isn’t one set way to rank a website, some niches require more work than others, some won’t need any black hat methods to rank well and others may rely on it heavily. Grey hat is an SEO tactic that implements any technique that is required and if done correctly can ultimately rank your website high on the search engines. 


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