Today we’ll mention NeuroMarketing. Means something associated with neurons right? it is a marketing communication field that applies neuropsychology Means something associated with brain.

The difference is Here marketers are scientist. They check how our brain responds to varied marketing things. If i anger , how does it affect my mind. If i see packing , how do i my feel What do i experience once I open the package.

of these factors They study this stuff using machines. and making conclusions supported that What are its effects. I’ll tell you intimately how you’ll check neuromarketing. First method is FMRI . Functional resonance Imaging What does it mean?

A bit like a MRI machine it is a lookalike machine Where they’ll check your brain. Functional areas are going to be checked. Means you will be examined by this machine all of your brain activities. How does a selected product affect your brain .

Now Many researches like these have undertaken and that they came up with some conclusions. And marketers get to understand that they ought to apply this stuff too.

The impact of colours on the idea of psychology now color science is not any theoretical theme right? it’s supported the conclusions by scientist Through NeuroMarketing


Basically our mind has three parts.

New Brain



And both three have different functions New Brain is rational Means it rationalise on the idea of thoughts. this is often better Middle Brain Is Emotional It focus more on emotions Now Reptilian Brain the foremost important Which is triggered by marketer. Where we make decisions.


Now here , okay what is the purpose of marketing? we would like to sell our products. we would like to see that thing That factor which can convert the choice making factor If i see a packing of a Product then am i buying due to that? or by price/taste experience.

What did i do and the way did i make my mind to shop for that product. So scientist are performing on this thing.

One thing i’ve already told you FMRI One basic thing is Your Eye Movement Here we choose the idea of your eyeball movement.

eye face coordination These all are included during this part. Third method is electrical Where they check electrical waves in your brain Density of electrical signals basically Our mind is sort of a machine Who works by current .( i’m just saying this just to form you understand) Don’t attempt to check___

whether there’s current or not so our brain may be a quite data transferer. consistent with electric signals. and you’ll track those signals. Before we were doing research By scanning our brain. Here we are checking electrical signals. Same theory for instance ,

Let me tell you some practical applications. Like i told you about color psychology.


Researchers with this method too conclueded that that folks think like this.

One is Loss Aversion. That we attempt to save our loss. A bit like tea . Color is green Packing color is green too. If you attend starbucks ,they sell everything But the aroma is of coffee Coffee Fragrance.

At a pizza place , there will be fragrance of pizza. Although They’ve a system where if they need they will remove the aroma of the place But they do not Maybe they put artificial fragrance.

If you attend porce restaurants They’ve a setup of sentimental music Because they need to stay the environement peaceful and warm But if you attend clubs , lounge their you’ll find high tempo music.

have you ever ever considered the rationale behind it? believe it logically Everything that exists during this world , it’s all supported stratgies.

Here With research project ,they concluded the effect of words on us. a bit like what quite words i’m using My tempo of words changes Why is that this happening? These all are scientifically proved strategies.

And that i am triggering you supported this info. We aren’t conscious of this theory the way we are targeted once you buy some groceris within the morning What you’ll buy, it’s already decided.

With surplus research , color of all the products were decided that you’re going to buy , Pricing was checked too You’ve seen 99rs. 101rs 99 means cheap If some products price is 999/- people will think it’s but 1000 And if it’s 1001 You’ll desire it’s quite 1000. SO this 101 strategy is understood as premium strategy.

which 99 strategy is knownas Cost Leadership Strategy Means here you would like to point out your product cheap. SO how did they concluded it? How do they know?

NEUROMARKETING Researches has been happening from a really while . Thing is nobody tell you this. And what you read in newspaper.

And therefore the title of this article Whenever your read a title of a article of these things are Concluded on the idea of researches The title of my article After some research , I came with this conclusion .

So Basically what i’m doing i’m not examining your brain neither your facial movements. But i’m examining your behaviour.

MCD , which is speed Researchers have also found that folks lack patience in today’s era.

They need instant food So this is often the rationale behind Mcd success. Provides you instant food. for instance you’re hungry and you attend restaurant and the delivery time are going to be half-hour .

Then? Imagine how hungry would you feel? WIll you be satisfied from the service. Doesn’t it had been tasty or not? so due to this Five star restaurants What they highlight ? that our serving time is that this much We’ll serve during this much time.

Now once I attend some restaurants They even give the timing of dishes individually in order that they’re prepared about the time so of these things Do apply in your business Researchers did their work But you would like to require enjoy it.

apply and share Do share with people you think that they need Last point Which is decision paralysis. which suggests once you are giving your consumer many alternatives.

that you simply can guy this that Then consumer are going to be confused and he won’t take it, this is often behaviour analysis. once we give people less alternatives then there is a possibility they’ll buy Your consumer may buy the merchandise .

And that they aren’t getting confused. no 1 example – apple You’ll notice they’ve increased their line But earlier They always came with just one product.

They left no alternatives for you If you would like to shop for then this is often the simplest phone i assume they’re changing the audience supported different budgets.

It’s possible that they did some research too okay Everything is already destined : Whether you’re buying anything or watching my video it has been programmed in your mind already this is often Neuromarketing.

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