Today we’ll talk about IPL,how much money does IPL and franchisee earn and spends How much money do the players get,how much money was spent by Vivo How earlier the IPL teams were in losses and how do they became profitable now.

And the business strategies that have changed over the course of lPL Let us start with the business model of IPL and how does IPL earn its revenue IPL is owned and governed by the BCCI It started with the auction of teams.

Everyone were asked to place a bid to purchase a team respectively So,all the big names,entrepreneurs and others came up together(like Shahrukh Khan) and formed their own group and purchased a team The BCCI collected an estimate of 5,000crore from this bidding itself for 10yrs.

This money was meant for the 10yrs,500cr. for each year This money and model was for the first 10years,so it started in 2008 and ended in 2018 .

After 2018,they put an end to this system According to me,the previous business model that they were working upon was not so profitable for the franchisee owners All the franchisee’s were in losses except one or two which were profitable Like Mr.Shahrukh Khan who I personally think is one of the best businessman among the Bollywood icons.

Now, we’ll talk about the reasons why he was profitable We’ll talk about the history later,let us now start talking about the current scenario Firstly,BCCI said that it will distribute comission 40% of the money earned through the media rights and sponsorships Media rights are rights bought by TV channels to broadcast a certain programme.

Here, Star has bought the media rights of IPL,earlier reserved with Sony 40% of this money earned through media rights is distributed among the franchisee every year And 40% of the profit money earned through title sponsorship(Vivo IPL) will also be distributed among the franchisee owners.

They also get money from jersey sponsorships and team partnerships There are logos sticked on the whole team jersey I am taking hypothetical figures … each team gets around 25crores for these sponsorship logos on their jersey for one season.

The teams also earn some revenue with each of their matches Like if it is a home game and it is their home venue Let say,Kolkata Knight Riders. If it is a home game for them,then 80% of the revenue earned through that match will be kept by the franchisee owner And 20% will be kept by the BCCI Talking about Kolkata Knight Riders,they have one of the biggest grounds in India So the revenue collection here will be much more than the other stadiums.

This is one of the many reasons why Shahrukh Khan and KKR were profitable in these last years Because the revenue collection is more(a larger crowd can be accomodated and sold tickets to) Taking an estimate,I think each team earns around 1 crore rupees from the sale of match tickets in one match.

It is the average figure for all the teams This figure only includes money earned through match tickets. They also make profit through advertisements on boundary boards.

The whole stadium is covered with such advertisement boards Teams also earn through these advertisements as well So,assuming they earn approximately 1crore per match from here.

The home matches,i.e.,the ipl matches that will take place in the home ground of teams are 14 So it makes up to 14 crore rupees per season And we earn a total of 28 crore rupees from match tickets and ground sponsor Adding up all,we get a total revenue of around 240 crores This is not the net profit,it is the revenue Out of this revenue,20% is to be given to the BCCI So 20% of it,goes there.

Alongside for bidding purposes,teams are alloted a specific amount that they can spend on players And that amount is usually 80crores every year So out of the revenue,80crores is spent on the purchase of players.

They also have to look after the well being and performance of the team Let us talk about the support staff.It consists of the
coach, management, etc

If we’re spending about 25 crores on the players,we can say that we are spending approx. 15 crores on the support staff as well The franchisee owner also has to look after their hospitality,travelling,food,etc.

So,I am assuming,they spend around 60crore rupees on all this The IPL goes on for around 60 days,so according to this,the owners spends 1crore rupees daily for the team’s wellbeing Now,even for their practice sessions,they have to hire local grounds,nets and handy equipments So,I’ve estimated that,they spend around 10crore rupees on this.

Now,they also spend some money on advertisements So,why do they spend money on advertisements? Thinking logically They spend around 25 crores on advertisement They’re spending so much on advertisements to create a hype or zeal about the team among the fans And due to this hype,people will come in huge numbers to watch their matches.

So,the revenue earned through match tickets will go up And this hype among fans can also get them good and high amount of money from jersey sponsors and ground advertisers As Shahrukh Khan sir is a well established and known star in the industry and knows a lot about brands So personally I think ,that he would have carried out these brand and sponsorship deals easily.

This is also one of the many reasons he and his team are one of the most profitable teams in the IPL Even though,they don’t win as much as CSK Or MI So,the overall cost fits around 232 crores.

Calculating the profit from this,it comes out to be almost nothing. A lot of people will say that I have made some calculation mistake or error Even I was thinking that there is some mistake I also asked 2-3 people to give me a review I ran a research to make sure that whether my hypothesis was correct or not.

Then I researched,how much net profit did the teams earn throughout the season And after looking at these results,I got to know that my estimations are almost correct.

Now,this franchisee is also a ‘company’,right? They’re actually doing business,right? After investing so much money and incurring different type of costs,are they working to only earn 5cr profit? 10 years ago or in the previous years,the teams were running in losses.

Now,why were they still functioning even after being in losses? It is because they have a small advantage For instance,let’s talk about Mukesh Ambani Mukesh Ambani bought Mumbai Indians,and with this he has reserved all its rights(for example,marketing rights) And so now,he can sell also his product through them.

He can take the players to do his product advertisements These are the strategic advantages According to me and the research I did,I heard a lot about spotfixing in IPL .

And I have no opinion regarding this,as I have no fact to prove it But according to people,IPL is filled with spotfixing By chance if there is any spotfixing in IPL,then teams would also be earning huge amounts of black money According to some people,every match in IPL is pre-fixed.

Which I disapprove of A whole match can’t be fixed but it can be spotfixed In simple terms,Spotfxing means who will bowl the first,second,other overs,who’ll open the batting and who will be the wicketkeeper,etc And matchfixing means fixing the whole match,i.e.,fixing what will happen with every bowl.

This is very difficult to execute practically If this really happens,I will all lose my faith and trust from everyone and cricket 2-3 years ago,the same happened with Chennai Super Kings Chennai Super Kings was banned because of spotfixing Dhoni’s name was also involved in this controversy And due to this incident,they were banned for two years.

So why were they banned? If this event or news would have come under the limelight of a lot of people,then IPL would’ve lost its trust And it would have taken a toll over its viewership Even I have observed the same,that if we continuously see some similar suspicious thing happening in 2-3 matches.

Then we start doubting that is it a scam or conspiracy And when you start believing the same,then you start losing your interest in the sport For instance,WWE.When I was kid,I thoroughly enjoyed it And when I got to know that it is all made up,I used to see it with a different angle That could have happened with IPL,and I personally think that even if CSK were the actual culprit.

They were dismissed without a strict action just for the sake of maintaning IPL’s credibility All these are my personal views and opinions,but I actually don’t know about the true answer Because I’ve heard from a lot of people about who’ll win the game,when will a six be scored and that each session and every little thing is fixed.

In the previous and initial seasons,the media rights were of only 700 crore rupees per year Only 700 crore rupees And after Star bought the media rights at a massive amount,teams start becoming profitable Initially,they made a 80-20 rule,where 80% of the money received through media rights will be distributed among the franchisee and the rest by the BCCI.

In the 3rd and 4th year,BCCI got hungry and changed the rule to 70-30 In the 4th year,they felt more hungry and changed the rule to 60-40 and this exists till date And due to this,the share of profit to be earned by the franchisee only went down With all the costs remaining unchanged BCCI became more profitable.

But talking about the current scenario,the teams are getting a good amount of money because we got more media rights And even after the 60-40 rule,the franchisees are earning more money due to Star The title rights,now are 520 crore rupees.

which is distributed among teams,were initially 50-60crores For each year The same change in rule happened in Title rights due to the greed of BCCI Earlier,60% of the money received through title rights was given to franchisee and now 50% is given,and the rest is kept by the BCCI But in totality,franchisee owners are receiving more money.

Now because of the big sponsorship deals Star has given a lot of money Vivo(title right owners) is also giving a good amount of money DLF were the first title rights owner,then PEPSI IPL and then VIVO IPL And so the amount kept on increasing To explain about the valuation.

I’ll show you the valuation graph It shows how and when their valuation went up When IPL was launched in the beginning,it was a blockbuster After that it went downwards And once they went international as well,so that was a little successful So after the initial phase,their equity kept on decreasing.

But if I talk about recent years,we can see the equity going up Why? Because now the franchisee owners are also earning a good amount of profit If I invest my money in my business,and if I don’t see the returns,then why would I continue to run my business? Ignoring the if and maybe’s(that what if they get a lot of money from spotfixing,etc).

Let us assume that there is no such thing happening and it is a fair world Still why would they take so much responsibilities and burden just to earn 5crore rupees from all this? You work hard for the whole year,earn a big name for your franchisee and then end up earning just 5crore rupees.

And there are a good number of chances you might end up in losses as well Similar to what a lot of companies faced in the last 10 years Here I am showing you one statement of King XI Punjab’s promoter About what he said You can read that he faced huge losses during these 10 years.

The other thing is the Winning prize money The one who’ll win,will take the winning prize The winning team will get 20crore rupees The runner ups will get 12 crore rupees Now,this total amount does not go to the franchisee owners It is mandatory for them to give 50% of this money to the players or more.

So we can’t predict this money coming into our wallets The players receive many additional benefits throughout the IPL They get a lot of exposure, and we get to pick a lot of international players from the IPL circuit itself .

They also get a good amount of money Players with a bad financial state turn into millionaires in a single night Uncapped players also get a good amount of money and exposure.

The whole company does not earn upto 5crore rupees profit in a year and the player earns that in a single day Even though that player is uncapped,i.e.,he has not played even a single international match Also if you win the Man of the Match,Orange Cap,Purple Cap,etc award,you get some money from there as well They’ve also brought out some new awards like Stylish Player, Because basically they’ve got sponsorships from companies,so in order to promote them,they do anything.

Like Vivo Stylish Player of the Match award and many more So the player earns money from these awards and prizes as well All of these are marketing strategies of IPL I hope you’ve understood everything .

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