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Who was the world’s motivational industrialist that had a car manufacturing company? And whose quotes are still popular. Who was that industrialist within the earth whom Hitler praised himself on public stage? I’m talking about Ford . Friends, Ford was bornon 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan Right from childhood Henry Ford loved scrap And he enjoyed playing with machines and fittings In 1891, Ford was posted as Engineerin Edison Illuminating Company And after some years he was promoted to Chief Engineer In 1896,

he made hisfirst horse-less carriage meaning a vehicle not runningby horse and he named it quadricycle But he didn’t stopped his planningwith his dream of quadricycle After this so as todevelop his next vehicle he sold quadricycle andstarted performing on next project Friends, every great person in theworld also get inspired by somebody Ford was inspired by Edison Ford met Edison And Edison said, ‘You’re doingvery well, Henry. Keep it up’ And after hearing this HenryFord was filled with new energy. After this, in 1899, Henry Fordestablished Detroit Automobile Company But pity, in 1901, it also failed Today, i’d wish to say this to you’re doing not care about your multiple failures inspect Disney ,Abraham Lincoln, Ford you will be happy Because you’ll think yourself in thesame league as them due to failures various projects of thesepeople had been a failure Ford didn’t losehope despite failures.

once more , in 1903, he established Ford Company with 28000 US Dollars Unfortunately, all great peoplehave to face huge challenges He didn’t had license after this and thus the whole automobilebusiness came for him They came for him and closed his business. Ford sought help from courtand there too he lost. But he filed appeal after appeal. He didn’t lose hope. He didn’t lose hope despitefailures of multiple ventures And, finally he won in court And he decided to continuerunning the Ford Motor Co. Ford motor co. madetheir first car called Model A He made that in 1903 And in 1904, not 1,2,5,10,50,100but 500 cars were running on road And, here, I feel aconnection with Ford .

Because he sold his first car to a dentist And my first profession was dentistry I feel that I even have an old bond with Ford. And after this, Ford made world’s most revolutionary car In 1908, Model T And Model T brought a revolution. A stir within the earth of car. And, at that point , it becamethe world’s bestselling car. Here, i’d wish to tell yousomething which may shock you. The starting price ofthe car was 950 Dollar. In 1908, the worth of 950 Dollar And, in 1927, he keep reducing the priceand brought it right right right down to 290 Dollars Just consider the range of price. Because he wont to believe thatcars must reach to commoner .

this won’t be only a decorativeitem for the rich and privileged. Everyone within the earth can enjoy cars That’s why he decided to bringour cars within the lowest prices Friends, such peopleare often slightly crazy I sometimes feel thatto achieve success it’s necessary to possess alittle madness and keenness He built an entire townin the center of Amazon He build a replacement townwith his name Fordland He built it to urge the availability of rubber. But the greater ones are tested more often. And, Ford failed here. But, losing hope wasn’t in his DNA. That’s why, if you’realso constantly failing and need to become likeFord or follow in his path Then don’t lose hope.Something good will surely happen to you. Friends, Ford built theworld’s first moving production line .

that’s pioneer to maximum industries. the parts keep it up adding one after anotherand the production line keeps on moving The credit for its constructiongoes to its father- Ford Let me tell you a surprising fact Before moving production line was build, itused to wish 12 hours to manufacture a car And, as soon as, Henry Fordinvented moving production line the manufacturing time of 1 carreduced from 12 hours to only about half-hour So, if say that the presentmanufacturing of the various car and thus the foremost important speed andproduction capacity behind it’s because of HenryFord’s moving production line Then, there should not be any surprise.

He made the movingassembly line for 2 reasons. First- cut He believed the lesser theprice the more popularity of cars Second- there should be anincrease within the assembly of cars He also believed if there’s more productionit will mean less price and rise in sale And, Henry Ford’s Model Tbrought in revolution and excitement within the year 1908, the totalnumber of cars sold was 10,000. And Model T was called themost influential car of 20th century. Now, how did HenryFord reached to the peak? Come, let’s focus onhis business’s principles Ford wont to believedin the ‘Human Capital’. He believed achieving successbecomes easier if we’ve talented team. He attracted talent by started giving Salary of 5 Dollar at that point . If compared with current timesit is almost 130 Dollar per day.

During those times, the market was giving 2-3 Dollars. And, Ford shocked the whole market. He believed the world’s best talented team should add Ford. Second Principle- He believed that buying in less and selling out more isn’t business He believed that buying should get on fair price Buy goods on fair priceand do some value addition. And make it available for the world . He believed that if you’remaking revolutionary product Then, it should reach everywhere the world .Henry Ford wont to believe that a personal shouldnot free these two things. very very very first thing is failure. Because whenever you fail you’re actually growing. That way you’re doing not repeat those mistakes. So, you would like to not have fear of failure. And, second you would like to not fear the end of the day . Because people who fearthe future, limit themselves. That’s why, sometimes, peoplesay, ‘What will happen within the future?’ Don’t fear the end of the day . Fear of unknown is that the one ofthe world’s commonest fear. That’s why Ford had said, If you want success thendefeat these two fears. Fear of failure and fear of future.

Henry Ford’s biggest principle. He wont to say, ‘Always put service before profit.’ He wont to say that earningprofit isn’t a nasty thing. Profit is that the core of any business. But, the core of businessis also in doing service. The core of business is alsoto serve the requirements of individuals . The core of business isalso to seem after the world . The core of business is alsoto care about the environment. He wont to say that if you’redoing service with honesty. If you’re protecting the environment. If you’re worried about your people. If you’re giving value addition. Then, on force can stopyou from earning profit. Profit will come as by-product. That’s why i’d wish to advice every businessowner through this case study of Ford I’ve always said this in my BusinessAudit, Business Gurukul program. Business shouldn’t becommenced just for profit the foremost objective of businessshould not only be earning profit. The motive of business should even be integrity.

Friends, everyone possesses to travel oneday albeit they’re great personalities. But revolutionary people leave an impact within the hearts of individuals with their works. They become immortal in history. The body goes away but the soul remains immortal. Thousands of Ford cars arrived in India by 1947 and thus the year India got independence,in 1947, Ford gave up the ghost .

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