Color psychology


today we will talk about color psychology color psychology means any color that we see in this world in some ways.

It affects our mind it makes some sense and has a meaning that our mind is able to anaylse if we see red color we assume it as a danger.

because we see red color at traffic signal green color whenever we see green color on the red light , it means GO GO… but there is a hidden secret behind these colors.

we will talk about this in details and how it can help a businessman if you are making your logo or anything related to your brand either your office color or house interior or for house also basically we look at this from business point of view you can put that theory in the users mind.

you make your website and if you understand the color science then you can trigger your consumer mind any way you want your users to perform a particular task which is this is the most important thing and which is not so this is called color psychology.



Lets start with primary colors red color. red means dangerous danger . fear red is basically used in heart color, blood color so red color is a very vibrant color red color has the largest wavelength and because of that.

It can be seen from long distance if it is visible from a long distance means if it use the red color in a place where we want it to seen from a long distance.

There we can use red color this is scientific but according to psychology red color is a physical color so where we want to put physical things there we should use red color.

If we want to show love, affection here also we can use red color if we want to show anger then also we can red color basically it is a masculine color if your brand is representing a masculine thing then you can use red color.


Next is blue color blue means intellectual. so color of intellectual people is blue and would have looked intellectual all the blue brands you have seen they represent intellectual things so what does intellectual mean? mind stuff. where we use our mind more we can live our life in 2 ways.

one is chilled other is all about learning about new things so all the learner brands use blue if you want to show that you are targeting people who comes into the category of learner whether they are businessman or anyone else.

This is why blue also symbolises trust so if you use blue color in your brand you can show your consumer that you can trust us so in india mostly all the business logos that are made made by some common people they didnt have much knowledge of color science.

Thats why they made it blue because blue is for trust for business just use it. so mostly small proprietorship businesses they have blue in common also blue measn blue means coolness coolness means yo bro! not that coolness ,

Coolness means cold if you want to showcase your brand as cold, you can blue color is a good choice then why because in sunlight, there’s some yellowish tint in absence of sunlight.

There’s a bluish tint you may have seen that in movies this is all according to psychology it was practically experimented also where basically you were given two juice box both were of same flavor and both were of strawberry flavor one set of audience were given juice box A other set of audience were given juice box B but here , as flavor has no color juice box A was a transparent color liquid with a strawberrry color group A tasted it but the juice that was given to set B with a little color of strawberrry so the positive reviews received were of set B.

i.e which has a strawberry color public liked the taste of set B so this was the experiment. also they retested this experiment they took an another set of audience and they offered them both the juices set a and set b and asked them to judge which one is better so in majority people liked the set B with artificial color of strawberry so why this was happening?

Because we were judging the juice by its color we try to perceive that this thing is like this that is why color psychology works on a deep level> so intellectual is blue means bro i am intellectual, smart busy and money man, i dont have time so this creates a negative phase also if i want to show i dont have time for people like this or that .


That way another color is yellow yellow means emotional if you useyellow color you may have seen many logos they all symbolise emotions so if you want to trigger emotions anywhere.

then use yellow color in your room in logo or in your house anywhere here comes optimism optimism means positivity so some brand shows optimism use yellow color if you want to show creatvity, confidence , friendliness then use yellow color now talking about its opposite like anxiety, depression they all are connected to yellow so see every coin has its two face positive and negative.

How we want our consumer to see us it depends on us later i will tell you in deep that grey color you see behind me there is a reason behinf this grey color too what is this reason? i always play according to this pyschology you will get to know the reason behinf it.


Next is our green color now what is green color so you’ve studied about spectrum so green comes at the center so green color is a balanced color the primary that our eyes can see easily , i.e green color it soothes our eyes .

when i was a kid , i used to think that if my picture has a green background then my image quality will be the best i used to think like this. so if you use green color anywhere in your brand it’s the best color to showcase your brand at a good level absolutely centeric in the middle.

Also it represents nature also all the nature trees, plants every nature thing that is green and it is not green we assume it is green so according to psychology if you show any brand green it represent nature now nature mean refreshment for peace

Now talking about its negative side we get easily bored there too so considering the negative side of green color, its boring here you can use green color but for peace also green color every coin has its two faces, now you have to think how you want to present it talking about the shortest wavelength in the spectrum is violet , also known as purple.

If you have seen purple color all the kings used to wear purple it was a luxury color for kings it is a extremely lavish color so if you want to showcase your brand as luxurious then you can use purple color now here one more thing come along with purple that is spiritual because earlier pop used to be spiritual if you want to showcase your brand spiritual then you can use purple color.

If you want to show you are of high priest then use purple in violet comes truth now it has one negative thing also now these high priest people with these people in old age there used to exist caste system lower caste and upper caste so here comes inferiority complex also.

If you showcase your brand as luxurious then it’s not for poor people so here you can showing them as if they are inferior that depends where you are using this color i am talking about brand about walls,interior about clothes i am talking about everything that exist in this world where you can use purple color right now.


Next is orange orange means mixture of two colors red and yellow. if you mix red and yelloe color physical and emotion will mix together so the result is orange foodpanda is of orange color orange is related to food and drinks it also means fun and orange defines passion also now talking about negative immature .

So the brand i told you earlier is immature also by representing orange color it’s all about potrayal right if i want to i can portray that orange color as fun also right also i can portray that brand as immature now it depends on what prospectus i want to portray my brand to consumer here there are many corelating with each other we dont use just one color but we use multiple color.

If all those colors when mixed together they all compliment each other , you’ll get my point which color you can mix with others and what it will portray


Now lets talk about pink pink is a feminine color girls color if you are wearing a pink shirt, you are a girl ;p in real, pink is a feminine color also this color is that something thats non masculine here comes all the non masculine features boys are told that they have strength okay girls are not that strong.

so it is a color which signifies lack of strength so if you have seen any girls brand they all are of pink color so pink means feminine let’s talk about its negative face feminine means weak.

so pink color is for weaks if you want to portray pink as weak you can use pink color that this is weak yayeeee if you wear pink color then you may look like them ;p think in deeep about what i just said ;0 if you are wise, you may have got my point .

if you are not then you may haven’t got my point lets talk about grey color we always use grey coloecause grey color is a neutral color psychologically neutral means by seeing this grey color, you don’t interpret anything there is no impact of grey color on you your focus .


Now black is the most amazing color most sophisticated word where we want to showcase our brand as luxurious.

BLACK because it is amazing of all the things that i have done it’s always based on some psychology what do i want portray and just because people dont know about this, they are unable to understand it now whatever i am telling you about the color science ,

from now all the logos you see in your daily life, make sure you think about what they are trying to potray whether its a wall or anything think what that particular color signifies whether it was done randomly or there was a hidden message behind.

it always be curious to know this old age kings palace see what they are trying to portray look at their paintings, its colors try to think of the reason behind the colors the painting of bloody mary.

it was used to be made with a specific color and why now black represents one more thing i.e security thats why security guard wears black color uniform it represents security its negativve face is that it is heavy weights of a weighing machine.

Those weights are of which color? Black! if they want they can paint it but still they use only black color why because black symbolises heavy.

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